Copy of Awaken the Mind (japanese)

Discover the beauty and wisdom of Japan’s ancient rituals

Connect back to nature and to our inner elegance.

change your mood • purify air, heart, mind • use for meditation, yoga • enhance calm, clarity • connect to your inner elegance, to those close to you • fall asleep...

気分転換 •  メディテーション •  ヨガ •   空気や心の浄化 • リラクゼーション •  眠りにつく前...


 About Eau De Parfum Naturelle:

Alluring yet subtle

Crafted with the mystical scent of hinoki for its power to purify and calm.

Only Plant based oils are blended with sugar cane alcohol 

Limited Edition Small Lots reflect the best ingredients available at the time. 

•  Keiichiro Tsuda 津田啓一郎 is the perfumer for scents No5, No. 8, No. 9 


About Zuko - Body Powder Incense

A finely ground formula of solely natural plant based ingredients used for centuries in Japan before entering temples, to improve concentration, and keep evil spirts away. We collaborated with YamadaMatsu, one of Kyoto`s earliest incense shops, blending natural herbs since the early 18th century.

The practice of ‘listening to scent’ began in Japan using local wood, including Hinoki.  Later wood used as Incense first floated onto the shores of Awaji Island in April of the year 595. Ancient records reveal Incense was burned to scent clothes as a perfume and also to purify.  Some of the earliest incense shops were also traditional herbal medicine shops focusing on healing and wellness.

About our Packaging 

All our packaging is Reusable or Recyclable and Crafted in Japan.

Most of our products come in a wood box handcrafted by local artisans

from the wood factories of KUSU HANDMADE based in Saga Prefecture.

We encourage you to imagine the many possibilities for reuse of your 

wood box. Our perfume bottles and the apothecary Zukoh bottle are 



Meet the Co-founders Kumi Tsukioka + Amy Washio

Kumi Tsukioka:  

Favorite memory of scent:

I grew up in the northern region of Japan surrounded by nature.  As a young girl, I would get lost in the forest foothills searching for herbs and flowers, and would often come home with my pockets stained and stuffed with the enchanting scent of Kinmokusei.  

Inspiration to create solely natural fragrance:

While studying and practicing acupuncture, I was fascinated by the power of natural herbs as a form of self care.  Even the most simple ingredient such as Hakka/Japanese Mint can have an uplifting effect in a small dose.  I also realized the similarities between the art + science of perfumery and oriental herbal medicine. Both aim to create a unique balance from carefully crafted combinations of natural materials that can unlock the potential for healing.

Amy Washio:

Favorite memory of scent

When I first moved to Japan 25 years ago, I interned in an architectural atelier where we made hand brew coffee everyday.  The office was always filled with the warm and intoxicating scent of coffee. I loved the scent so much, later I would work for a coffee company for 15 years.

Inspiration to create solely natural fragrance 

As breast cancer survivor, I became more conscious of the ingredients in our daily lives.  It was during my recovery that Kumi and I became friends and started brainstorming how we could make some of our favorite products healthier.