Alluring yet subtle, Inspired by Japan`s ancient scent rituals

天然成分のみで作られた繊細でありつつ魅惑的な香り… 香を大切にする日本の伝統に着想を得ています

Crafted with the mystical scent of hinoki for its power to purify and calm.

日本古来より神聖な木とされるヒノキの 香りを配合しています

A finely ground formula of solely natural ingredients used for centuries in Japan before entering temples, to improve concentration, and keep evil spirts away. We collaborated with YamadaMatsu, one of Kyoto`s earliest incense shops, blending natural herbs since the early 18th century.


HINOQI TOKYOの塗香は京都の老舗、山田松香木店により、植物由来の天然原料のみで作られています

Our Passion

To discover and share the beauty and wisdom of Japan’s ancient rituals

To connect us back to nature and to our inner elegance.

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